This page gives instructions on what fields to use when adding websites, blogs, personal communication, and Statista sources to EndNote for use with the Chicago 17th Notes and Bibliography citation format.  Each of the sources below shows the field name and the type of information that should be entered in that field for a proper citation.

Web Page citations

Set the Reference Type as Web Page.

Title – title of the web page

Series Title – title of the web site (or organization)

Last Update Date – Month and day of last update (Only use with “Year”)

Year – Year of last update (use only in conjunction with Last Update Date field)

Access Date – Month and day you last accessed the website (Use only with “Access Year”)

Access Year – Year you last accessed website (use only with “Access date”

URL – the URL

Note: for the Last modified, or the Access date fields to show up in the citation correctly, you must enter both the year and date field for each. If you do not enter either, or only one, the prefix “Last modified” or “accessed” will not show up in the citation.

Bibliography Format: (As per Chicago Style 16th rule 14.245)

Title.” Series Title. Last modified Last Update Date, Year. Accessed Access Date, Access Year, URL.


Footnote Format:

Title,” Series Title, last modified Last Update Date, Year, accessed Access Date, Access Year. URL.

Statista citations

You can find most of the information for the citation in Statista by clicking the “ Cite this statistic button and choosing Chicago. Here are the fields you should use in EndNote:

Leave the Reference Type as General

Author - source of data (make sure to include a comma at end if organization, e.g. U.S. Department of Energy,)

Title - title of chart

Year - year of publication

Publisher - Statista

Type of Work - Chart (or Table)

URL - include the link to the chart in Statista

Footnote Format:

Author, "Title," (Publisher, Year), Type of Work. URL.

Bibliography Format

Author. "Title," Publisher, Year. Type of Work. URL.

Blog citations

Set the Reference Type to Blog.

Use the following fields for a Blog citation:


Title of Entry

Title of WebLog






Bibliography Format: (As per Chicago Style 17th rule 14.208)

Author. "Title of Entry," Title of WebLog (blog), Publisher, Date, Year. URL.


Footnote Format:

Author, “Title of Entry,” Title of WebLog (blog), PublisherDate, Year, Description, URL.

Personal Communication citations

For personal communication, including unpublished interviews set the Reference Type to Personal Communication.

Use the following Fields:





Footnote Format:

Author. Description, Date, Year.

Note: Personal Communications are only cited in Footnotes, not in the Bibliography.

Interview citations

For published interviews, set the Reference Type to Interview.

Use the following fields:












Database Provider

Footnote Format:

Interviewee. “Title.” by Interviewer. Program, no. Number (Date Year), Pages, URL, Database Provider.