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Fostering Integrity in Research: Faculty Resources

This guide was created to help you discuss academic honesty and plagiarism with your First Year Seminar students. Please preview both the sources and the exercises before using them. Many of the exercises included in this guide allow you to set up a class reporting system, grade material, or remove content that is either inappropriate (to your content or specifications) or distracting (too much information about minutia).

Some of the materials could be assigned to students; others would be appropriate to debrief in the class; still others are best used for in-class presentation with commentary and discussion. Distinctions will be noted if possible.

CSB/SJU Plagiarism PowerPoint

CSB/SJU Plagiarism PowerPoint's were created to help faculty teach plagiarism. The "Plagiarism: What is it?" PPT briefly describes what is plagiarism and what happens if you plagiarize at CSB/SJU. The "How to Cite" explains how to quote, paraphrase and summarize using MLA, APA, and Chicago. The guide will help when explaining these concepts with your students.