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Zotero Tutorial

Organizing Your Sources

Create a Collection/Folder in Zotero:

  1. On far left, click the New Collection icon (folder with the plus sign a folder icon with a green plus sign ). Zotero calls folders Collections.
  2. Name your Collection after your class or topic and keep your references for that project in the folder and click OK.
  3. You may create subcollections and store a source in more than one folder. Just drag and drop the title from the center pane to the collection you want to add it to.

Create a Subcollection in Zotero

  1. Right click (PC) or two finder click (Mac) on the folder/collection you want to create a a subcollection under.
  2. Select New Subcollection...
  3. Enter a name for the subcollection and click OK.

Share Sources through Shared Libraries

While working on a group project, it may be helpful to create a Shared Library, which will allow you to share citations with your group members. All members of the group will be able to add, edit, and cite sources in the Shared Library.

Create a Shared Group Library

One member of your group should follow these steps:

  1. On the far left, click the New Library icon (dark brown file box with green plus sign) icon of brown file box with green plus sign
  2. Select New Group
  3. Login to the Zotero web page
  4. Create a unique name for your group (you may need to add random numbers to the end)
  5. Select Choose Private Membership
  6. Click Create Group
  7. Click ‘Member Settings’ and ‘Send More Invitations’
  8. Invite your group members with their email addresses, separated by a comma
  9. Create a folder within your Group Library using the steps above
  • When you add references to your library, you can add them directly to this folder or drag and drop them from other folders in your library
  • Invited group members will need to accept the group email they receive. 
  • Everyone will need to click the green Sync with Zotero button icon of a green circular arrow in the upper right side of Zotero for the Shared Library to appear and to refresh to view sources sources added by others.