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This guide will help you with your X-Culture project.

Project Timeline

Milestone 1. Pre-project Readiness Test

Official Start of the Project - Students placed on teams

Milestone 2. Establish contact and meet your teammates.

Milestone 3. Select client organization and product

Milestone 4. Identify market success factors

Milestone 5. Select a new market

Milestone 6. Entry mode and staffing

Milestone 7. Product and pricing

Milestone 8. Distribution and promotion

Milestone 9. Team Report DRAFT and Progress Survey

Milestone 10. FINAL Team Report

Milestone 11. Post-project survey

X-Culture with CSB/SJU Global Business Leadership

X-Culture Website

What is X-Culture?

  • An experience providing online training for cross-cultural collaboration.
  • International teams of 7 students, from 7 different countries.
  • Over several months teams work together on a global business project.
  • Upon successful completion of the project, students receive X-Culture certificates.
  • Top teams have the opportunity to present their work at the international X-Culture Symposium

CSB/SJU Facilitator: Deborah Pembleton


X-Culture for CSB/SJU Students

Students taking Prof. Deborah Pembleton's International Organizational Behavior course (GBUS 330) will be able to apply for and enroll in X-Culture Training as CSB/SJU Affiliated Students:

  • Most X-Culture trainees are students who take a course at their university where X-Culture is a required or optional part of the course. These trainees to not need to submit individual X-Culture applications and pay the participation fee - the application and the participation fee will be covered by their course instructor.

How it Will Work:

  • Once you enroll in the X-Culture Training, you will receive all X-Culture training materials and program instructions.
  • You will be required to review the materials and complete the X-Culture Readiness test. Only students who successfully pass the Readiness Test will be allowed to participate in the project.
  • After you pass the Readiness Test, you will be placed on a global virtual team. Typically, the teams are comprised of 6-8 trainees, each coming from a different country.
  • The teams will be presented with an international business challenge and have about two months to develop a solution.
  • There will be weekly deadlines that the teams have to meet. Each team member will receive a personal email with a link to the weekly progress update survey and will have to report if the team has completed that week’s task.
  • At the end of the project, the teams will present their challenge solutions in a form of team reports. The reports will be evaluated by at 6-7 independent experts.
  • Based on the expert evaluations, best teams will be awarded the X-Culture Best Team Awards.
  • Additionally, individual performance records and peer evaluations will be used to select each season’s Best Student Award recipients.

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