Digital Humanities at CSB and SJU

The campus locus for information and conversation about digital pedagogy and scholarship.

Because liberal arts colleges are ideal laboratories for digital innovation, we seek to provide time, space and tools for conversations and collaboration among faculty about learning, teaching and scholarship with digital tools.

Digital Scholarship? Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities (DH) uses tools, such as Scalar and Omeka, to create digital scholarship. Digital Scholarship (DS) is the research and teaching resulting from the use of digital technologies. DH is interdisciplinary, collaborative, creative, and cross-cultural.

DH or DS is an emerging label for a wide range of interdisciplinary activities that apply digital tools to scholarship in the fields of literature, history, art, cultural heritage, and related subjects. Projects in the digital humanities range from virtual reconstructions of historic places to statistical anlysis of text to visual representations of patterns of communication.   

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