Digital Scholarship Support at CSB and SJU

Welcome! Our dedicated team is here to support you in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital scholarship. Browse the resources and examples here, or email your liaison librarian or iTech specialist to set up a meeting so we can discuss your particular digital scholarship research, learning, or teaching needs. 

What is Digital Scholarship?

Digital Scholarship is an ever-developing field, and it has many definitions and can mean different things to different people. We like this broad definition from the Library of Congress:

Digital Scholarship is teaching and "research that encompasses digital publishing, data visualization, the digital humanities, data science, and data analysis – all of which utilize digital collections, tools, and methods. Digital scholarship, broadly defined, uses digital content and tools to pursue research and interpretations with the goal of furthering knowledge." (Digital Scholarship Working Group at the Library of Congress: Notes, Vol 80, no.1, p 41.)

Digital Humanities (DH) - as well as many numeric data projects, including data management, visualization, and analytics - can be imagined fitting under the larger digital scholarship "umbrella." DH projects include a wide range of creative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary activities that apply digital tools to scholarship in fields like history, literature, art, and cultural heritage. Projects in the digital humanities range from virtual reconstructions of historic places to statistical analysis of text to visual representations of patterns of communication.