Access the CSB+SJU Omeka Site

Go to, log in, then click "Manage Site"

Omeka Manage Site

Creating and Editing Exhibits

Select "Exhibits" from the left-hand navigation menu

Click "Add an Exhibit"


"Edit" the existing exhibit under the title of your exhibit



Describing Exhibits

Fill in all the fields to describe what your exhibit is about
  • Title: title of your project or group exhibit
  • Slug: short title (no spaces) - this is what shows in the URL
  • Credits: your name (or you and your group member's names)
  • Description: this is the explanatory text you write about your exhibit's topic

add exhibit metadata

Exhibit Pages

Adding Pages to Exhibits

  • Add a new page at the bottom of the "Edit Exhibit" page.
  • Drag and drop to change order of pages or nest them
  • Click "Save Changes"


Adding Page Metadata

Every page should have:

  • Page Title
  • Shortened version of title that will appear in the side exhibit menu
  • Page Slug: appears in the URL - choose something short!
  • Select "File with Text" as your layout so you can add the text to your exhibit image


Adding Items to Exhibit Pages

Click "Add Item"


Best practice is to write out your content and map out your exhibit pages in a separate document so you can copy/paste in your content.

Important note!!! Don't put your text in Word and copy/paste it into Omeka. It won't look good! Please write your text in a text editor like notepad or even in a plain text email. Copying and pasting from a text editor will ensure your prose remains intact.

Adding Image Captions

When you add your item to the exhibit, provide a caption that includes:

  • Creator: First name Last name
  • Title: If no title, use descriptive sentence
  • Date
  • Provenance or collection: where is it from?
  • Medium/Materials: photo, painting, etc.
  • Size of work: cm, inches, pixels



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