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Disability Awareness Week : Jessica Camilo

Jessica Camilo

Name & Pronouns: Jessica Camilo (she/her)

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Math and Economics Major & Data Analytics Minor

A little about myself:

I am from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. I came to CSB because my cousin studied at St. John’s and I really loved the campus when I came to visit. I also have a dog with me on campus, his name is Spike. Some of my hobbies are painting and drawing, and also watching Netflix shows and spend time with my dog.

How my disability has impacted my life:

It changed everything. I was diagnosed in the Spring of my freshman year of college. I was on bed rest for 3 months. I couldn't dress myself or walk. Things are better now, but simple things like taking notes, cooking breakfast, walking to class become hard during changing temperature. It’s always there.

How my disability functions as a strength in my life:

It drives me to work harder academically because physical labor is not an option for me.

Barriers to accessibility I would like to bring to light:

The handicap buttons don’t work, or they take too long. It would be nice if they would work and open faster. Also parking is not accessible. I had to prove that my disability plaque is mine to CSB security. It felt wrong having to prove my disability. There are only two handicap parking spots available near my apartment complex. SAS does an amazing job of working with students. People tend to question me or not believe me about my disability. I think it’s important to be understanding and listen to those with disabilities.