Call Numbers

A call number is like a book's address; it tells you where to find a book in the library's collection. Call numbers are arranged alphabetically, and then by whole number (everything before the first period in the call number). 

The following call number ranges are where you'll find some of our books on Sustianability. The Library of Congress Classification Outline provides a full guide to call numbers.

K 3581- (3598) - Environmental Law

Subclass GB - Physical Geography

Subclass GC - Oceanography

Subclass GE - Environmental Sciences

GE 70-90 - Environmental Education

GE 170-190 - Environmental Policy

GE 195-199 - Environmentalism. Green Movement

GE 300-350 - Environmental Management

Subclass GF - Human ecology. Anthropogeography

GF 51 - Environmental influences on humans

GF 75 - Human influences on the enviroment

Subclass QA - Mathematics

Subclass QB - Astronomy

Subclass QC - Physics

Subclass QD - Chemistry

Subclass QE - Geology

QH 1-278.5 - Natural History (general)

QH 359-425 - Evolution

QH426-470 - Genetics

QH 540-549.5 - Ecology

Subclass QK - Botany

Subclass QL - Zoology

RA 565-600 - Environmental Health, including sewage disposal, air pollution, nuisances, water supply

Subclass S - Agriculture (general)

Subclass SB - Plant Culture

Subclass SD - Forestry

Subclass SF - Animal Culture

Subclass SH - Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

Subclass SK - Hunting sports

Subclass TD - Environmental technology. Sanitary Engineering

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