Subject Headings for Japanese Language Learning

Online Japanese Language Resources


Hiragana and Katakana practice for Genki:

Kanji practice for Genki:

Grammar resource:

Audio/visual practice:

  • -- NHK’s News Web Easy lets listeners hear a slowly dictated news article in Japanese while following along with the script, which contains kanji readings. Excellent listening and reading practice.

Browser Add-ons (allows you to hover your mouse over Japanese to get translations and readings of words and kanji):

Good dictionary apps for smart phones:

  • Imiwa? (free)
  • Shirabe Jisho (free)
  • EOW (Eijiro on the Web) (free)
  • Midori ($10)

Finding Other Japanese-Language Books and Articles

You can find Japanese-language resources in the CSB and SJU Libraries catalog (main search box) by selecting Japanese under the Language limiter (found on the left-hand side of the search results page).

Many of our library databases include a similar option to limit results by Language

Print books: Here is a results list for Japanese language print (not electronic) books held at CSB Clemens and SJU Alcuin.  

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