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You and your students now have full complimentary access to WSJ.com and WSJ mobile apps, thanks to a generous donation by:

James L. Tuohy

The Tuohy Family Fund

Activate your Pass for free access to WSJ.com as follows:

Visit WSJ.com/CSBSJU

Follow the simple instructions. Once activated, your Pass will provide access to WSJ.com from any location.

[Existing subscribers:  you will be given an option to retain your existing username and password if you already have a subscription.  Select the "connect to it" link to do so.  You may cancel existing subscriptions by calling 1-800-JOURNAL, since you will continue to receive the benefit of the subscription as a result of CSB and SJU's WSJ agreement.]

Please encourage your students to sign up.  You will need to use this link every year to extend the account.

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