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Call Numbers for Chemistry

A call number is like a book's address; it tells you where to find a book in the library's paper book collection. Call numbers are arranged alphabetically, and then by whole number (everything before the first period in the call number). 

The following call number ranges are where you'll find most of our books on Biochemistry. The Library of Congress Classification Outline provides a full guide to call numbers.

QD 1-65 – General Chemistry

QD 71-142 – Analytical

QD 146-197 – Inorganic

QD 241-441 – Organic (QD 415-436 – Biochemistry)

QD 450-801 – Physical and Theoretical

QD 901-999 – Crystallography

QP 1-981 - Physiology

TP 1-1185 – Chemical Technology

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