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New York Times @ CSB and SJU

Access the current content of the New York Times including web + app access | Paid for by CSB and SJU Senate funding

How to Activate Your Group Pass Account

To activate a Pass, each user must follow these steps:

If on-campus using CSB and SJU's network, go to

If off-campus: go to

1. Create a account using your current email address.  If you already have an account you may log in using those credentials. 

2. When you see Start Your Access, you are set up, and the expiration time and date of your pass will appear.

3. Now you can enjoy full access to by logging into your account from any location, on or off-campus.

4. Every 360 days you will need to follow these steps to continue to have access.


Overview and Key Features

Overview is a multi-platform news tool that provides full access to New York Times and International New York Times content, including breaking news, multimedia, reviews and opinion, blogs, lesson plans on the Learning Network, and more. is updated 24/7 with corresponding time stamps. From the home page, one can access more than 25 Times sections, including World, Politics, New York, Opinion, Business, Technology, Science, Sports, Arts, Fashion & Style, and Video.

International Edition, Chinese Edition, and Articles in Spanish

Edited from Paris, London, Hong Kong and New York, The International New York Times provides readers with a continuous flow of geopolitical, business, sports and culture coverage from a distinctly global perspective. Users are able to read the International Edition with simple navigational tools on both the web and mobile apps. Users are also able to read the Chinese Edition on the web and articles in Spanish on Español.

Sharing & Commenting allows the user to email an article (to both subscribers and non-subscribers) and share it via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Its cross-platform feature allows the user to retrieve saved articles from the device of his/her choice. The permalink feature allows hyperlinks to easily be added to any Course Management System. Users are able to submit comments on each article, and will be posted upon review by the New York Times newsroom.

Newsletters & Alerts provides 30+ daily and weekly newsletters on topics such as Top Headlines, Breaking News, Small Business, Movies Update, and Cooking, delivered directly to the user’s inbox.

Trending Articles lists the trending articles based on viewership by our readers each day. It also serves up ‘recommended for you’ articles based on the articles each user has previously viewed.


Users have the ability to access ‘on the go’ using apps for iOS and Android.

Historical Coverage institutional subscriptions provide full access to New York Times articles published between 1851 through 1922, and between 1981 through current day. Access to the years 1923-1980 is limited for institutional subscribers.

Today’s Paper

Today’s Paper section allows the user to read all of the current day’s print content in a digital format. Contained in this section are all of the articles found in that day’s print edition (along with corresponding page numbers).

Times Topics

Times Topics pages consolidate all the news, reference and archival information, photos, graphics, audio and video files published on predefined topics. Times Topics includes 25,000 topics and 13 million article archives. Times Topics pages cover  subjects, organizations (11,000+ company profiles), and places. Times Topics also provides other resources from around the web that have been selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times. The Health Guide includes 3,000 topics described, illustrated and investigated.