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MLK Week @ CSB/SJU 2017

Making the Connections, Doing the Work


Keynote Speaker Robin DiAngelo

Robin DiAngelo, PhD, is a consultant and educator who has worked with a wide range of private, non-profit, and governmental organizations on critical race and social justice issues. She is the keynote speaker for MLK Week 2017 at CSB/SJU.

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This page is an historical record and is therefore not being maintained.

Putting Racism on the Table

"Racism is a system that encompasses economic, political, social, and cultural structures, actions, and beliefs that institutionalize and perpetuate an unequal distribution of resources between White people and People of Color. White people are the beneficiaries of this system of racial inequity, regardless of awareness or intentions.” — Robin DiAngelo

Find more resources at Putting Racism on the Table website.

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For additional documents, checklists, and readings on critical racial and social justice issues from Robin DiAngelo, please visit the resource page on her website.