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FYS 101 -- Yvette Piggush -- In search of Belonging: Whose Am I?

Research Guide for Class Matters. NY: Times Books, 2005.

Useful keywords

These terms may be helpful in searching for articles and books. Pay attention to other words you find in articles you read. You may also want to limit your searches to United States.

  • working class (or classes)
  • social class
  • aristorcracy
  • poor whites
  • middle class
  • upper class
  • elite
  • social conditions
  • economic conditions
  • economic class
  • socioeconomic class
  • underclass
  • class politics
  • class warfare
  • class mobility
  • social mobility
  • economic structure
  • social conflict
  • Mountain people
  • Whites
  • Race identity


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